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Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
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Optically Transparent Membrane Based on Bacterial Cellulose/Polycaprolactone

Barud, Hernane S.; Ribeiro, Sidney J. L.; Carone, C. L. P.; Ligabue, R.; Einioft, Sandra; Quieroz, P. V. S.; Borges, Andréa P. B.; Jahno, V. D.

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Optically transparent membranes from bacterial cellulose (BC)/polycaprolactone (PCL) have been prepared by impregnation of PCL acetone solution into dried BC membranes. UV-Vis measurements showed an increase on transparency in BC/PCL membrane when compared with pristine BC. The good transparency of the BC/PCL can be related to the presence of BC nanofibers associated with deposit of PCL nano-sized spherulites which are smaller than the wavelength of visible light and practically free of light scattering. XRD results show that cellulose type I structure is preserved inside the BC/PCL membrane, while the mechanical properties suggested indicated that PCL acts as a plasticizer for the BC membrane. The novel BC/PCL membrane could be used for preparation of fully biocompatible flexible display and biodegradable food packaging.


Bacterial cellulose, polycaprolactone, transparent membrane


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