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Orange essential oil as antimicrobial additives in poly(vinyl chloride) films

Silva, Daniela França da; Oliveira, Flávia Suellen Melo de; Caetano, Viviane Fonseca; Vinhas, Glória Maria; Cardoso, Samara Alvachian
Abstract: In this work were developed and evaluated films of poly(vinyl chloride)-PVC additivated with orange essential oil – OEO. These films were evaluated with FT-IR spectroscopy; mechanical tests; migration OEO in simulants; and determination of stability after sterilization by gamma radiation at a dose of 25 kGy. The OEO was assessed with GC-MS and analysis of antimicrobial activity. The films were prepared by the casting solution technique. The essential oil concentrations in PVC were 2%, 10% and 30% (w/w). The results showed that the OEO was incorporated into the polymer matrix and that this oil had antimicrobial activity against the bacteria E. coli and S. aureus. The migration of OEO in the films occurred with all simulants. The incorporation of OEO in the films also made them more flexible. It was also found that additive with 30% w/w OEO provides a protective effect for the polymer after sterilization by gamma radiation.
antimicrobial activity, mechanical tests, migration, orange essential oil, poly(vinyl chloride)

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